July 2021 numbers: In this month's episode of "So What? Who Cares?" Michael chats over the phone with economist and friend Ron Hetrick from EMSI, to discuss the current state of the US labor market. July saw a surprisingly high number of jobs added, exceeding our duo's predictions from last month.

How can we explain such a rise in just a few weeks? Ron presents several potential reasons, and they might not all be related to a post-pandemic context...

Michael and Ron also discuss the industries which benefitted the most from this increase and what this pandemic taught us about managing our work/life balance.

As this crisis undoubtedly reshapes workers' relationship with their jobs, how can recruiters adapt to this huge behavioural change in the workforce?

Linkedin article on the increase of the demand for recruiters.

Reuters article on the historical decrease of layoffs in the US.

Bloomberg article the reasons for employers' challenge to fill position.